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This is my story...

I started my business 4 years ago with the faith and support of my friends and family but, my passion for photography started long before that. It was sometime between my first cabbage patch kids camera, playing dress up, photographing my baby dolls, filling my mind with photographs by Anne Geddes and the afternoons spent visiting the New England School of Photography with my Nanny that I found something special about the art of photography. This was only a small part however, it was my my own career caring for children, my dream of one day becoming a nurse midwife, my nursing studies and my own motherhood journey where I fell in love with working with children of all ages. 

When my daughter was born I captured every tiny moment that I could. But not having a professional document her tiny features was something I regretted deeply. When I learnt that I was pregnant with my second and put on bed rest do to complications I vowed to learn everything I could about photographing newborns and children as to never miss a moment of his growth. I started attending online classes and filling my brain with all things photography. Once he was born my portraits were just slightly better than those Pinterest fails we are all familiar with. So I invested more time and more money into learning. I photographed anyone who would let me and by the time my third was born I was finally capable of capturing the true essence of those first few days with a newborn. Although my passion began with babies, I have since grown passionate about all of the stages of life and the millions of tiny miracles that we all experience each and everyday. Capturing true love, success, growth and change. Creating photographs you want to show of in your home, capturing moments your family will cherish. Helping small businesses create and a brand, and show what they are selling through photograph. Helping you sell your home with images that make you want to move right in I photograph it all with passion.

TLC Photography is and award wining newborn, child and family photographer who's goal is more than just capturing a memory or a moment and pressing pause so you cn have that moment forever but It is about documenting your family and telling your story. I am a lifestyle photographer whose mission is to document all of your life's most precious stories so you never have to forget the day you said "Yes", The way he looked at you as you walked down the aisle, the way your body changed as a new life grew inside, the first time you held their tiny little hands and looked into their beautiful eyes, just how small and precious they were, to those first smiles, first steps, first birthdays and each one thereafter, your families vacations,  holidays, graduations and each and every momentous occasion in your life. TLC Photography is there for you to tell the most beautiful story of all...Yours.

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